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Project ELDEL in the field of Slovak Speech and Language Pathology for the 2011 Bulletin of the Slovak Associaction of Speech and Language Pathologists.

Realisation of the ELDEL project in Slovakia is essentially connected with many speech and language practitioners.  The aim of the article is to inform the members of the Slovak Association of Speech and Language Pathologists about the goals, methodology and the foreseen results of ELDEL that could be used in practice.  We also express our gratitude to our collaborators. --Marina Mikuljová

October 2010

The Centre for Reading and Language Newsletter 2010/11

June 2010

The Nata Goulandris Memorial Lecture given by Dr Markéta Caravolas

November 2009

An invitation to Prof. Marina Mikulajova to present at a Slovak conference about ELDEL within FP7 - People. 

September 2009

An interview of Anička Kucharska and Gabriela Málková given on two Czech television stations:

Kucharská, A., Seidlová Málková, G. (2009). Poruchy učení.  Nové trendy v diagnostice a intervenci, projekt ELDEL. Learning disorders. New approaches in diagnosis and intervention, The ELDEL project. Czech Television, Milénium.

Kucharská, A., Sotáková, H. (2009). Rizikové faktory v předškolním věku ve vztahu k budoucím problémům v učení. Výzkum v projektu ELDEL. Risk factors in preschool age in relation to future challenges in learning.Research project ELDEL. Czech TV, Sama doma.

August 2009

An article on "English is toughest European Language to Learn" mentioning Professor Maggie Snowling.

July 2009

An article about Professor Sylvia Defior's expertise and participation in the ELDEL project.  "La Lengua, un juego único de letras y sonido".

June 2009

An interview on Czech television, held on 2nd June 2009 with Anna Kucharska and Gabriela Málková.