Non-ELDEL Events

July 2012

SSSR Conference, 11th-14th July 2012, Montreal Canada

Nineteenth Annual Meeting Society for the Scientific Study of Reading.

May 2012

TR Miles Lecture, 3rd May, Bangor University.

October 2010

SAL Conference, 14-16th October 2010, Bratislava

JULY 2010

Eldel - Siblings Project, Presented by Dr. Kristina Moll at the CRL Annual Summer Workshop, 21st July 2010, The University of York

SSSR Conference, 7-10 July 2010 in Berlin. 

May 2010

Reading Fluency Development: Phonological awareness, RAN and Morphological awareness, Presented by Ariana Loff at The University of York, Lab group meeting


Research Skills Workshop, Prague (Details to follow)



Statistics Workshop held at the Univeristy of York, UK.  Run by Prof. Charles Hulme  2009

Research Skills Workshop held at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.  2009